Safety First: Be Observant and Proactive

It's critical for the safety of coworkers and patients that potentially hazardous items and situations are reported immediately. 


Security Tip: Writing 2020 in Full on Documents Can Save Headaches

Consumer protection and law enforcement agencies are offering a simple tip to thwart fraud and scammers.


How to NOT Get Scammed on Tech Support Communications

When was the last time you saw something like this pop up on your screen?


Risk Assessment Update Complete for Health System

To comply with Joint Commission and CMS requirements, a multidisciplinary team facilitated by the Emergency Management Committee discusses and completes a Hazard Vulnerability Analysis (HVA) or risk assessment for the health system.


HIPAA Alert: What You Should Know When Sending a Fax

Did you know that all faxes sent from a Methodist Health System affiliate should be sent with an appropriate cover sheet?  


Recycle Right Campaign Aims To Improve Recycling Efforts

Improving our recycling practices has been a top priority ever since wrapping up the MHS Sustainability Master Plan.


Want to Be a Member of the Methodist Decon Team?

Have you ever wanted to learn more about decontaminating victims, using decontamination equipment or setting up a decon or shelter/triage tent, bio-seal or isopod during an emergency?


Become a Methodist Sustainability Ambassador

We are excited to officially launch the Methodist Health System Sustainability Ambassadors program.


HIPAA Alert: Privacy and Confidentiality

Information about patients, employees and a covered entity (CE) itself is confidential.


MHS Email Account for Business and Professional Use Only

IT Security has identified an increase in staff sharing their work email when they sign up for nonwork related activities (i.e., shopping sites). 


HIPAA Alert: What Is an Insider Threat?

An insider threat is most simply defined as a security threat that originates from within the organization being attacked or targeted.


Safety First: Stop The Spread of Germs

With the flu and viruses in full swing, how can you protect yourself and your coworkers from spreading sickness?


HIPAA Alert: 53 Percent of Health Care Data Breaches Due to Insiders and Negligence

The health care industry has had more than its fair share of hacking incidents, but the biggest threat comes from within. 


HIPAA Alert: Still Issues Across the U.S. in 2018

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services says recurring compliance issues for 2018 include these nine things ...


Safety First: Fire Extinguisher Use

Questions you should ask and answers you need to know about putting out a fire.