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Meranda Olson Is August's Good Catch Award Winner

The Good Catch Award is designed to recognize staff members committed to patient safety.

This recognition is presented monthly and goes to the department in which the good catch occurred. Nominations for the award are taken from reported variances where a near miss is caught. Those variances are flagged for consideration of this award. A near miss is an incident or event that has occurred and had the potential to cause harm but was caught before it reached the patient. 

August 2019

Meranda Olson, RN
Methodist Hospital OR

The August Good Catch Award goes to Meranda Olson, RN, in the operating room at Methodist Hospital.

 Antibiotic irrigation was needed on the sterile field to irrigate and soak implants for a patient, and these were ordered from pharmacy preoperatively.

A time-out was performed prior to the start of the surgical procedure, and it was noted that the patient had a severe allergy to clindamycin, previously resulting in Steven Johnson syndrome.

During the case, the surgical technologist requested that the antibiotic irrigation be poured on the back table, and when Meranda, who was the circulating nurse for the case, went to do this she realized that the irrigation had clindamycin in it and that it should not be used due to the patient's severe allergy.

Thanks to Meranda, the irrigation was switched to normal saline and the patient avoided a severe reaction.  

Great job, Meranda, and thank you for your dedication to Methodist and our patients!