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Methodist Lymphedema Therapy

Lymphedema is a condition in which swelling occurs because the lymphatic system is not functioning normally. The Lymphedema Program provides treatment by licensed physical and occupational therapists who have achieved certification as lymphedema specialists through intensive training.

Lymphedema is diagnosed by a medical professional.  If you, or your physician would like a referral to our Lymphedema Program, you may contact us through the information at right.

Individualized treatment programs are developed for each patient. Treatment may include:

  • Manual lymph drainage through massage
  • Compression with bandages or compression garments (measurement and fitting included with treatment)
  • Exercise program
  • Precautions and skin care
  • Patient education
  • Continued follow-up and support

Your physician will provide a prescription that includes:

  • Diagnosis: Lymphedema
  • Physical and Occupational Therapy evaluation and treatment
  • Necessary compression garments

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