Methodist Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center

Methodist Hospital houses specialized outpatient therapy clinics led by a team of physicians, call Physiatrists, with extensive training in physical medicine and rehabilitation. In consultation with the individual's personal physician, the physiatrist directs the overall plan of treatment for each patient.

Methodist Health System is committed to offering the full realm of care to patients requiring rehabilitative services.  Our out-patient clinics are specialized to continue rehabilitative services once a patient has been discharged from the hospital. Many conditions are helped by therapy led by our Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation teams. 


We are located in the north tower of Methodist Hospital, on the second floor.  Please use the complimentary valet parking available when you arrive for your appointment.  You may contact us at the number at right.

Specialized Clinics

The Methodist Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center houses teams with expertise in special areas of rehabilitation such as:

Spine Clinic
Patients with spinal chord injury are helped through our interdisciplinary team approach. Team members conference weekly to coordinate each patient's treatment plan and ensure appropriate progress:

  • Neurosurgeons and orthopaedists  consult on cases in which surgery may be the best course of action.
  • Anesthesiologists help address severe or prolonged pain.
  • Neuropsychologists and behavioral health counselors assist with pain management strategies and identify and treat depression and anxiety which are often associated with disabling back disorders.
  • Physical therapists on the clinic's treatment team have advanced training in spine rehabilitation.

Amputee Clinic
Amputation causes special challenges in regaining mobility and function.  Evaluation, treatment and education provided by the interdisciplinary team include:

  • Fitting of appropriate prosthesis
  • Management of wound care
  • Activities of daily living, such as dressing, home equipment needs, cooking and laundry
  • Mobility and proper walking technique


Referrals to the Methodist Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinics can be made through your physician, or, for more information and self-referrals, call (402) 354-7954.

Download a fact sheet on the Methodist Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinics to discuss with your physician.

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